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Differentiate between Restricted CUCM and Unrestricted CUCM

Restricted vs Unrestricted CUCM? Recently i was asked by one of blog follower a question – “How to differentiate between a CUCM Restricted version and CUCM Unrestricted version”? This post is dedicated to the new Cisco Voice Techies who want to know how to differentiate.

Cisco CUCM or CUC DRS SFTP Backup Failed

Cisco CUCM or CUC DRS SFTP Backup Failed We know that taking backup regularly is very important and can be used to restore the data when Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection fails to work or rebuild is required. So, we need to

Convert Bulk LDAP Users into Local Users CUCM

Convert Bulk LDAP Users into Local Users CUCM In our last post, we learned how to convert LDAP users to Local Users via GUI and CLI. The GUI method is useful is useful when you have only few users and the CLI method was useful

Cisco IP Phone Serial Grabber Tool

Cisco IP Phone Serial Grabber Tool Do you just want to collect Cisco IP Phone Serial Number and update your inventory? If yes, then there is a tool which works for Cisco Unified Communication Manager as well as Cisco Call Manager Express. This works great

Download Music on Hold (MoH) files from CUCM

Download Music on Hold (MoH) files from CUCM If you want to download Music-on-Hold (MoH) files from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), you need to have CLI access to download the MoH files. Also you need to have SFTP Server setup where you can download

Change CUCM IP Address Cisco

Change CUCM IP Address Cisco Changing the IP Address in Cisco Unified Communication Manager sounds very easy but this most crucial part as it may end up in dbreplication failures where you might encounter issues like “Database Communication Error”.  So, we have to be very

Cisco IPMA – (Manager-Asssitant) – Shared Mode

Cisco IPMA – (Manager-Asssitant) – Shared Mode What is IPMA (IP Manager Assistant) – IPMA feature, is provided in a manager / assistant provides call-routing capabilities in an environment to work together more effectively with enhanced sub-features. Cisco IPMA has two modes – Shared Line

Basic SRST Configuration (SCCP only)

Cisco SRST Configuration Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) – It is a call processing backup mechanism that allows Cisco IP phones to register to a Cisco router locally during a WAN Failure. Let’s say you are connected to your Headquarter Site A remotely via Site


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