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What is a Refresh Upgrade (RU) Cisco?

What is a Refresh Upgrade (RU)?   Many of us have come across the name Refresh Upgrade or RU but do we know what it is? Well, when we do an upgrade of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express,


Migrating ITL files between CUCM Clusters

Migrating ITL files between CUCM Clusters When migrating IP Phones from CUCM version 8 on wards to a newer version, you may encounter IP Phones registration issues because of security feature which uses ITL (Initial Trust List) files.  This will not allow you to register


Check Database Replication CUCM Cisco

Check Database Replication CUCM Cisco I am sure most of you knows how to check Database Replication on Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection. If you don’t know how to check Database Replication, this post will be helpful for you. The below information


CUCM – Secure LDAP

Cisco Unified Communications Manager – Secure LDAP Expanding a little bit on our previous post CUCM LDAP Active Directory Integration-Sync and considering Microsoft advisory ADV190023 which makes Secure LDAP (LDAPS) mandatory, we will discuss the additional steps to configure Secure LDAP over port 636. Upload


Cisco IPMA – (Manager-Asssitant) – Shared Mode

Cisco IPMA – (Manager-Asssitant) – Shared Mode What is IPMA (IP Manager Assistant) – IPMA feature, is provided in a manager / assistant provides call-routing capabilities in an environment to work together more effectively with enhanced sub-features. Cisco IPMA has two modes – Shared Line


Remote Control Cisco IP Phone

Control Remotely Cisco IP Phones It’s been a long time since my last post. Hope you guys are doing well and liked my previous posts. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with me at Today we will talk about


Troubleshooting Extension Mobility

Troubleshooting Extension Mobility Recently we learned how to configure Extension Mobility, now lets troubleshoot EM issues. Issues :- When you click on Services, it says Host Not Found. Solution : – Check that the Cisco Tomcat service is running by choosing Cisco Unified Serviceability >


Extension Mobility Bulk Login without PIN

Extension Mobility Bulk Login and Logout without PIN Are you looking for Remote Bulk Login/Logout Extension Mobility tool without PIN? If yes, then you search is over.  This tool can help you to login or logout (individual/bulk) user(s) or do a cluster logout as well.

CUCM LDAP Filters – Find LDAP Attributes easily.

How to get LDAP attributes easily and use them in CUCM LDAP Filter? LDAP custom filters can be used when you don’t want your CUCM to sync your entire LDAP directory. For example: You are using a Global LDAP  Server where all the users across


Configure Intercom lines

Intercom is a type of line which combines both speed dial and a phone line functionality respectively. It allows the callee to place the call on a predefined destination. The called destination auto answers the phone with mute activated in speaker phone mode, regardless of