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Virtual Machine VMware Tools Not Running (Not Installed)

Virtual Machine VMware Tools Not Running (Not Installed) When you are trying to upgrade VMware Tools, you might encounter an issue Vmware Tools Not Running (Not Installed). If you are encountering the above issue, follow the below procedure which will help you to resolve the

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Cisco IP Communicator on Virtual Machine?

Hello All, Tried installing Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) on Virtual Machine but received an error “no compatible audio device” or “There are No Compatible Sound Devices Installed on this Computer”. Relax, there is a solution to this issue which will help you to install CIPC

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vCenter 5.1 Timed waiting for vpxa to start

Hello All, Recently, i installed vCenter 5.1 in Lab and tried to connect ESXi host with vCenter but got an error “A general system error occurred. Timed waiting for vpxa to start.” I restarted Network Management Agents and re-initiated the host connection again but no luck. Thereafter,

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Vsphere ESXI Host Yellow Triangle Warning?

Hi All, Are you seeing yellow triangle warning on ESXi hosts on vCenter? What could be the reason you are seeing those warning? Can these warnings be disabled? The reason you see the yellow triangle/exclamation mark on ESXi host is when you enabled SSH (Remote) and

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Adding ESXi Host to VMware vCenter

Hello All, vCenter Server is installed on a Windows Server or a Linux Server which is a Centralized Management Application that helps to manage ESXi  host and  Virtual Machines centrally at one place. You don’t have to login to different ESXi Host to Add/Remove/Manage your Virtual Machines.

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What files make up a Virtual Machine?

Hi All, We do work on Virtual Machines on day-to-day basis and now it’s time to know the file types used by Virtual Machines. .vmx is Virtual Machine’s Configuration .vmsn is Virtual Machine’s running configuration Snapshot taken .log is Virtual Machine’s log files which log information about the VMs and

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Installing VMware VCenter 5.0 Steps by Steps

Hello All, Installing VMware VCenter 5.0 is quite easy and it can be installed on Windows Server. To install, follow the below steps. Ensure that your Windows Server has joined a Domain where you will be installing VMware VCenter 5.0. Download VMware VCenter 5.0 on

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Upgrading VMware ESXi from 5.X to 6.X

Hello All, Upgrading VMware ESXi from 5.X version to 6.X version is an easy task. You can upgrade it using CD/DVD drive or USB flash drive. In our last post, we installed VMware ESXi ( in case if you have not followed. Today, we will

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