Installing VMWare ESXi 5.X on bare metal

Install Vmware ESXI on bare metal

VMware ESXi is a bare metal hyper-visor from VMware . ESXi is a software which has to be installed onto physical servers and on top of ESXi, Virtual Machines are installed/configured. Before installing ESXi, you need to follow the compatibility matrix in VMware website. To start with the installation, follow the below procedures.

Installation Steps

  • Download ESXi from VMware download page and burn the iso file in a CD/DVD.
  • Boot the Server from CD/DVD
  • Select “ESXi-5.X.X-XXXXXXX-Standard-Installer” on the Screen and hit Enter
  • Wait for a while until it prompts you for “Welcome to the VMware ESXi 5.X.X Installation” screen
  • Hit Enter to Continue
  • Press “F11” to Accept and Continue
  • Select Local Virtual Disk and Hit Enter
  • Select appropriate Keyboard layout and hit Enter
  • Enter root password, confirm password and hit enter
  • Press “F11” to begin with the Installation.
  • Wait for sometime until it prompts you for “Installation Complete” screen. Once you see the screen, it will read as “ESXi 5.X.X has been successfully installed”.
  • Press Enter to reboot
  • Once the ESXi reboot is completed, if your network has DHCP enabled, you will receive IP Address, or else you have to set a Static IP Address. It is recommended to set a Static IP Address.
    • Press “F2” to Customize System/View Logs
    • Enter username as “root” and password you defined
    • Select “Configure Management Network” and hit Enter
    • Select “IP Configuration” and hit Enter
    • Select “Set static IP Address and network configuration” and hit space
    • Now Configure IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
    • Hit Enter to save
    • Hit “ESC” button from your Keyboard to Exit
    • Press “Y” to Apply changes and restart management network.

That’s all !! You are done with the Installation of ESXi 5.X.X Version.

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  1. Claudio says:

    Hi Avinash,
    I think you should post how to install the ESXi on UCS. So you can detail the previous steps before the ESXi wizard.

  2. Jaron says:

    Nice post, simple instructions, and I really like the ordered slideshow at the end. Great content as always!

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