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CD/DVD Drive1 (Connecting…) VMWare Console

CD/DVD Drive1 (Connecting…) VMWare Console

Recently i was trying to mount ISO file from local disk to VM Console using CD/DVD Drive and it got stuck saying Connecting but it never got connected. Even i tried closing the console and re-opened it but all in vain.
So, while troubleshooting i found two ways to resolve the above issue.

First Way

  • Store the ISO image in the datastore and use “Connect to ISO Image on a datastore”.
Second Way

  • If you still want mount the ISO file using local disk, you have to follow the below steps.
  • Right Click the VM Name > Click on Edit Settings
  • Click on CD/DVD Drive 1 > Radio Check on the Mode from Emulate IDE to Passthrough IDE (recommended) and Click on OK
  • Close VMware VSphere Client and re-launch it.
Note: The Passthrough device mode can only be used on one virtual machine at a time.

Hope this helps!!

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