Virtual Machine VMware Tools Not Running (Not Installed)

Virtual Machine VMware Tools Not Running (Not Installed)

When you are trying to upgrade VMware Tools, you might encounter an issue Vmware Tools Not Running (Not Installed).
If you are encountering the above issue, follow the below procedure which will help you to resolve the issue.

Configuration in ESXi Server

  • Login to ESXi host > Locate your Virtual Machine
  • Click on Summary
  • Check the Status of the VMware Tools. It should show the status “Not Installed
  • Disable the CCM Firewall (utils os secure permissive)
  • Restart the Server
  • Click on Summary again and verify if the VMware tools shows now “Out of date“.  If not, restart the server again.
  • Start the VMware Tools installation
  • Verify the status now
  • Enable the firewall (utils os secure enforce)

Follow the article below – Installing Vmware Tools using Interactive Method CUCM

Hope this helps!

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