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Codec Mismatch – How to troubleshoot with CDR Report

Codec Mismatch – How to troubleshoot with CDR Report We know there are various ways of troubleshooting issues related to codec but how do we troubleshoot if we do have access to CDR Reports only? Well, get the Calling Party Number, Called Party Number, Date

Cisco CDR Reporting Tool Automated

Cisco CDR Reporting Tool Automated When you are working on the CDR Dump either for reporting or troubleshooting, are you tired of converting Signed Integers to an IP Address or referring to the cause codes again and again and do your analysis? I have created

Configuring Cisco Call Detail Record (CDR)

CDR Reporting? What is a CDR Report? CDR (Call Detail Record) – According to the definition given webopedia, in IP Telephony, a call detail record is a data record that contains information related to a telephone call, such as the origination and destination addresses of

Cluster ID Change – Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster ID Change Cluster ID parameter is an unique identifier for the clusters. By default the value for Cluster ID is set to “StandAloneCluster”. When configuring Extension Mobility Cross Cluster (EMCC) or Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS), cluster id has to be unique

Cisco CDR Report Analysis

Analysis of Cisco CDR Report Now let’s talk more into dept and now its time to explore the CDR fields. I will share examples and will try to explain the records as well. Follow the below screenshot and i will go one after another.  First

Convert Cisco CDR EPOCH Date and Time

Convert Cisco CDR EPOCH Date and Time In part 1, we have seen the configuration and creation of the CDR Report. Now lets go more deeper and further. In Part 1, did you realize that the CDR Report which was shown, the time was in