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How to Install and Configure VoIP Detective

In our last post, we understood the functionality of VoIP Detective. In this article, we will focus on how to install and configure VoIP Detective. How to install VoIP Detective? To install VoIP Detective, you need to get the license and OVA file from VoIP


Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification

Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification Configure Hunt Group Login and Logout on IP Phone which will show a notification if an IP Phone is logged into Hunt Group or logged out of the Hunt Group by turning ON or OFF Light on Line Buttons. To configure notification


Convert Cisco CDR EPOCH Date and Time

Convert Cisco CDR EPOCH Date and Time In part 1, we have seen the configuration and creation of the CDR Report. Now lets go more deeper and further. In Part 1, did you realize that the CDR Report which was shown, the time was in


Installing a COP File in CUCM

CUCM COP File Installation Planning to install COP Files in CUCM? COP files like  ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn, ciscocm.refresh_upgrade_v1.5.cop.sgn, ciscocm.vmware-disk-size-reallocation-1.0.cop.sgn or any other COP or Locale? This is quite easy and simple task. How to install COP Files? Download COP files from Cisco Website. If you are doing an upgrade, you


CUCM Asterisk SIP Trunk Integration

CUCM Asterisk SIP Trunk Integration Today, lets configure a Trunk between CUCM and Asterisk. I was pretty much happier when i got this configured and working, hope you would also be happy as well. Lets start. CUCM CONFIGURATION 1. Login to Cisco Unified Communication Manager.


Configure Call Handler Cisco Unity Connection

Configure Call Handler Cisco Unity Connection Call Handlers in Cisco Unity Connection is a feature which provides services like IVR where the calls are handled and routed in an efficient manner. Basically Call Handler serves many purposes like answer the call, greet the caller, provide


Configuring Cisco Conference Bridge/Resources (SCCP)

Configuring Cisco Conference Bridge/Resources (SCCP) Today, lets configure Conference Bridge in Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Cisco Voice Gateway. Let’s start with the Voice Gateway Login to the Voice Gateway Enter the Configuration voice-card 0 dspfarm dsp services dspfarm sccp local FastEthernet0/0 sccp ccm X.X.X.X

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VoIP Detective – Demonstration of the tool

In our last post, we understood the installation and configuration process of VoIP Detective. In this article, we will see the results. For testing purpose, i made few calls to ensure that the CDR records are getting imported and the reports are getting generated. The