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Configuring Standard Local Route Group CUCM

Configuring Standard Local Route Group CUCM Standard Local Route Groups(sLRG) is a feature which helps in reducing the complexity and maintenance of the numbering dial plan when you have a large number of locations/sites. It can be used in a scenario where the dial plan

RTMT Plugin Installation Error on Windows Machine

RTMT Plugin Installation Error on Windows Machine Are you getting this error “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported. The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, use the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The value UI

Customize CUCM Login/Welcome Banner

Customize CUCM Login or Welcome Banner Configure Welcome / Login Banner on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that would display a customized message when a user logs into Cisco Unified Communications Manager. I would also call this as MOTD (Message of the Day). To configure Message

LDAP User Search Base CUCM/CUC

LDAP User Search Base CUCM/CUC Are you configuring LDAP for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Unity Connection (CUC)? Not good with Windows Servers and struggling with LDAP User Search base? Don’t worry, the easiest way to find the Search Base is shown below.

Hunt Pilot Real Time Monitoring Tool

Hunt Pilot Real Time Monitoring Tool Hunt Pilot Real Time Monitoring helps in monitoring various information like queue calls abandoned, number of calls in queue, longest call waiting, line group members available etc in real time. To monitor it, you need to have RTMT (Real Time

CUCM Hunt Group Hlog Login and Logout

CUCM Hunt Group Hlog Login and Logout Most of us are aware what Hunt Pilot is and how the calls are triggered to the extensions when someone dials a number which is mapped to a Hunt Pilot. The calls can be delivered to extensions based

Installing a COP File in CUCM

CUCM COP File Installation Planning to install COP Files in CUCM? COP files like  ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn, ciscocm.refresh_upgrade_v1.5.cop.sgn, ciscocm.vmware-disk-size-reallocation-1.0.cop.sgn or any other COP or Locale? This is quite easy and simple task. How to install COP Files? Download COP files from Cisco Website. If you are doing an upgrade, you

External Contacts in Cisco Jabber Directory

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Migrating ITL files between CUCM Clusters

Migrating ITL files between CUCM Clusters When migrating IP Phones from CUCM version 8 on wards to a newer version, you may encounter IP Phones registration issues because of security feature which uses ITL (Initial Trust List) files.  This will not allow you to register

Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification

Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification Configure Hunt Group Login and Logout on IP Phone which will show a notification if an IP Phone is logged into Hunt Group or logged out of the Hunt Group by turning ON or OFF Light on Line Buttons. To configure notification

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