Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status

Originally posted on February 22, 2022 @ 10:00 am

Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status

Configure Hunt Group Queue statistics / status on Cisco IP Phone for the calls coming into hunt pilot queue which will help you to know how many calls are waiting into the Queue.  This helps supervisor or agents to monitor the queue, understand the peak hours when most of the call comes into the queue, planning and deploying the resources accordingly. Follow below steps to configure queue status.
In our below configuration, we will use Cisco 9971 IP Phone as a reference for sample configuration.

  • Login to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Go to Device > Device Settings > Phone Button Template
  • Clone Standard 9971 SIP template and name it as Standard 9971 SIP with Hunt Group Statistics
  • Choose the Line Number where you would like the notification to appear. In our reference, we will use Line 3 for statistics. Select Queue Status from the drop down menu
  • Click on Save
  • Now assign “Standard 9971 SIP with Hunt Group Statistics” to Cisco 997 IP Phones. (Only to the agents/supervisor who are part of Hunt Groups)
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Reset
  • Once the IP Phone is up, you can press Line 3 button to see the number of calls waiting into the hunt pilot queue.
  • Make a call to the pilot number and let one of the agent answer the call.
  • Now press Queue Status on IP Phone button > It should show the number of calls waiting as 0. Do not hang up the call.
  • Make another call from a different phone to the same pilot number and press on Queue Status and now it should say the number of call waiting is 1.
  • Click on Update to refresh the number of calls waiting.

Note : Queue status is supported only on the following IP Phones for SIP and SCCP protocols.

7911 G
7931 G
7942 G
7945 G
7962 G
7965 G
7975 G

Hope this helps!

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7 Responses

  1. Adeel Ahmed says:

    hi sir , reading your many other useful posts you really help us a lot my question is
    we are making an application where we will be storing those statistics in database, we are using Tapi ( Cisco provides its TSP to Tapi , in tapi i get events like call rining call accepted ,onhold busy etc)
    we can make statistics with that how many calls were ringing for how much time , call recordings + for how much time was the call ,
    so,i need to know the way you told me , can we get Events of that ? Queue status events ?

  2. Tim says:

    Excellent blog, many thanks for the content. I notice that you explicitly state that this implementation will only work on older Cisco endpoints. Is there a similar solution that would be available for 78xx and 88xx series Cisco endpoints?
    Many thanks,

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Tim,
      I had 9951 and 9971 IP Phones and tested the configuration which worked. I don’t have 78xx and 88xx IP Phones as of now and hence cannot confirm you if the same setting works? I am not aware of any other solution or approach which would work for 78xx or 88xx series endpoints. If you have 78xx or 88xx series, you can give it a try with the same configuration and see if it works? Let me know if you get a chance to do that.

    • Jaron says:

      I’ve used hunt group queue status’s on Cisco 8811 and 8851 phones, so I’m positive it works. I can’t speak for the 78XX series, though, but I would assume it would work.

  3. Paulo Medronho says:

    Excelent blog, got loads more ideias now. 😉
    I’m trying to setup a queue which will ask the costumer after 5 minutes holding if he would like to continue holding or leave a voicemail.
    the problem would be: – maintaining place in line – on the hold queue.
    Is it possible without UCCX scripting?
    I only got CUCM and Unity.
    Thank you

  4. Brian McGregor says:

    I have another question, my Hunt Group Display Queue has worked for 6-7 months with no issue, it has just recently started to display on pressing and empty box saying Generic Application. There appears no change to the config and other similar devices are working fine. I am at a loss on where to begin,

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