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Simultaneously Call Routing Between CUCM & Microsoft Teams

Simultaneously call routing between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Microsoft Teams using SNR Recently in our last post, we worked on integrating CUCM with Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing). In case you missed to read that article, follow the link here: Teams Direct Routing with CUCM

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Teams Direct Routing with CUCM using Audiocodes SBC

Configure Teams Direct Routing with CUCM using Audiocodes SBC In this article, we are going to see how to configure Teams Direct Routing with Audiocodes SBC. This article will focus on the configuration done on Audiocodes and CUCM. Setting up the Interface Initially the teams

Configuring Audiocodes SBC to integrate with CUCM

Route CUCM inter-cluster calls using Audiocodes SBC In a generic scenario, we use H.323 inter-cluster trunks or SIP trunks (either P2P or leveraging SME) to route the inter-cluster calls.  In this article, we will look into configuring Audiocodes SBC and route the CUCM inter-cluster calls