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Installing or Upgrading to UCCX 10.6.1 SU1?

Installing or Upgrading to UCCX 10.6.1 SU1? Are you trying to upgrade UCCX from X version to 10.6.1 SU1 or doing a Fresh Install of 10.6.1 SU1? If yes, then be cautious about the error you may receive while installing or upgrading the UCCX Subscriber.


Simulate PRI E1 T1 Calls

Simulate PRI E1 T1 Calls Don’t have a real PRI? Want to simulate E1/T1 PRI on your lab? If yes, then here is the solution. You need two routers, let’s say 2800 series router which has E1/T1 Card connected on each. One router would be

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Inbound and Outbound calls not working in H323 Gateway

Inbound and Outbound calls not working in H323 Gateway I have come across a situation where am unable to make inbound/outbound calls. Here is the call flowPSTN—VG-H323—MPLS—CUCM This is debug of the actual failed incoming call *Aug 9 06:10:03.923: //357/CCB999A780A0/CCAPI/ccSetMediaclassIp2ipTags:media class tags set: NR 0,


Cisco Any Connect with DUO MFA

Cisco ASA – Cisco AnyConnect with DUO Multi Factor Authentication  Recently i though to deploy Cisco ASA in my lab and try Multi Factor Authentication with Cisco owned DUO app. After installing Cisco ASA and complete the basic configuration, i started with DUO configuration on


Installing VMWare ESXi 5.X on bare metal

Install Vmware ESXI on bare metal VMware ESXi is a bare metal hyper-visor from VMware . ESXi is a software which has to be installed onto physical servers and on top of ESXi, Virtual Machines are installed/configured. Before installing ESXi, you need to follow the compatibility matrix


CUCM, Cisco Unity Connection, UCCX Root Access

Get Root Access to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) or UCCX. There are many advantages of having root access to the system but there are some dis-advantages also unless you know what you are doing with your root access. Root


CUCM LDAP Active Directory Integration-Sync

CUCM LDAP Active Directory Integration-Sync Are you trying to Install Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services on Windows Server? Want to configure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to sync users from LDAP directory to Cisco Unified Communications Manager? Follow the below steps – Installing Active Directory