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Cisco Unity Connection – Products not supported on current hardware

Cisco Unity Connection – Products not supported on current hardware While installing Cisco Unity Connection from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ISO like “Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.2.11900-12.sgn.iso” you might encounter an error “Products not supported on current hardware” or it might only allow you to install only Cisco


Change CUCM IP Address Cisco

Change CUCM IP Address Cisco Changing the IP Address in Cisco Unified Communication Manager sounds very easy but this most crucial part as it may end up in dbreplication failures where you might encounter issues like “Database Communication Error”.  So, we have to be very

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Export SSL private key from Windows

The big difference between a named certificate ( and a wildcard (* beside the Common Name (CN) is that the first one can be used in ONE and only ONE place, the server/machine that generated the Certificate Signing Request (CSR); while the wildcard certificate on


Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP

Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP We have been using Desk Phones or Soft Phones to make calls but there is also an option to dial numbers from URL in Cisco Unified Communication Manager. This feature is called as Cisco WebDial. To use the WebDial Service, please


CUCM Inactive LDAP Users to Active LDAP Users

CUCM Inactive LDAP Users to Active LDAP Users There might be some certain requirements when you might asked to convert Inactive LDAP Users to Active LDAP Users and then Convert them into Local Users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). If yes, then below steps will


Cisco Any Connect with DUO MFA

Cisco ASA – Cisco AnyConnect with DUO Multi Factor Authentication  Recently i though to deploy Cisco ASA in my lab and try Multi Factor Authentication with Cisco owned DUO app. After installing Cisco ASA and complete the basic configuration, i started with DUO configuration on


Modifying License Mac on CUCM/CUC/UCCX/

Modify License MAC on CUCM, CUC or UCCX Do you want to modify the license mac for your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) or UCCX? Here is the procedure to modify the license mac. First and the foremost, you need to


What is a Refresh Upgrade (RU) Cisco?

What is a Refresh Upgrade (RU)?   Many of us have come across the name Refresh Upgrade or RU but do we know what it is? Well, when we do an upgrade of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express,