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Re-enable debugs on router reload – EEM Script

Re-Enable Debugs on Router Reload using EEM Script I was recently troubleshooting one issue and i ran some debugs on Cisco Voice Gateway and wrote the config by issuing the command “write memory”. Since the router received high call volume, the CPU spiked and the

Download Music on Hold (MoH) files from CUCM

Download Music on Hold (MoH) files from CUCM If you want to download Music-on-Hold (MoH) files from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), you need to have CLI access to download the MoH files. Also you need to have SFTP Server setup where you can download

CUCM 11 Conference Now

CUCM 11 Conference Now Conference now feature is introduced in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 11.  This feature is similar to Meet-Me feature but with announcement and security. The host and attendee of the meeting will have to enter the PIN and start the

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting Today let me talk about email scripting to be done in UCCX  (only basics). It is quite simple and easy to configure. We will need the following applications in order to do Email Scripting. 1.  Cisco Unified Communication Manager 2.  Cisco

Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP

Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP We have been using Desk Phones or Soft Phones to make calls but there is also an option to dial numbers from URL in Cisco Unified Communication Manager. This feature is called as Cisco WebDial. To use the WebDial Service, please

Cisco PCD Cluster Discovery Internal Error

Cisco PCD Cluster Discovery Internal Error Have you ever used Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment Tool to migrate Unified Communications from Legacy to New Cluster? If yes, then there are times when you may encounter an error “Internal Error” while discovering the machines. If you encounter

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting – Emergency Number

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting – Emergency Number Lets continue further with UCCX Email Scripting. This post is related to email scripting where an emergency number is dialed like 911. This is basically to track the person and aware the owners (Like Administrator, Security Office, Managers