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UCS C220 M3 Cache Degraded

On Sunday I was watching a football match in my house and suddenly i realized that the Call Manager started to have some issues. The RTMT was showing high use CPU on Subscriber: I checked the vmware and I could see the VMware Tools not

Multi-Language Call Routing Unity Connection

Hello Everyone, Today, we are going to extend the call flow with a different requirement. Last Time the requirement was as follow. “We have CUCM v10.0 integrated with Cisco Unity. The requirement is – In case the customer knows the extension and dials in the

Upgrading Cisco Router IOS

Upgrading Cisco Router IOS In this post, we will learn how to upgrade Cisco Router IOS. Please follow the below steps to start with the upgrade. Assuming you are aware of setting up a TFTP Server and the consequences if the router does not come

CUCM Asterisk SIP Settings (Basic)

CUCM Asterisk SIP Settings (Basic) In one of our post we have learned how to create Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to Asterisk SIP Trunk. In case if you have not followed the link, you can refer to it. ( I have received many comments

How to download list of SEP.cnf.xml files in CUCM?

How to download list of SEP.cnf.xml files in CUCM? How to find and download list of SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml files from CUCM? I am sure most of you are aware of Cisco IP Phone Registration Process, however i am going to post the Registration process in next

Extension Mobility Redundancy High Availability

Extension Mobility Redundancy High Availability We are using Extension Mobility to login to Cisco IP Phones, but have we configured redundancy for Extension Mobility? What if a Subscriber goes down? There are three ways to achieve Extension Mobility Redundancy or High Availability – I have

CUCM SQL Query – Active/Inactive Directory Numbers

CUCM SQL Query – Active/Inactive Directory Numbers Recently i was asked to find Inactive Directory Numbers in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), which means that the “Active” checkbox in the Directory Number Configuration Page is not checked. Immediately I navigated to Call Routing >  Route Plan Report