What files make up a Virtual Machine?

Originally posted on June 4, 2022 @ 6:53 pm

What files make up a Virtual Machine?

We do work on Virtual Machines on day-to-day basis and now it’s time to know the file types used by Virtual Machines.

.vmx is Virtual Machine’s Configuration
.vmsn is Virtual Machine’s running configuration Snapshot taken
.log is Virtual Machine’s log files which log information about the VMs and are often used for troubleshooting purposes
.vmss  is Virtual Machine’s File in Suspended State
.nvram  is Virtual Machine’s (Basic Input/Output System) BIOS
.vmdk is Virtual Machine’s Disk
-flat.vmdk is Virtual Machine’s Disk that contains the actual contents/data
.vmsd is Virtual Machine’s file which is used with snapshots to store meta-data and information about each snapshot on a Virtual Machine.
.vswp is Virtual Machine’s memory swap file which is used when all physical memory are exhausted by ESXi.
Hope this helps!!

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