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Cisco PCD Simple Migration

Cisco PCD Simple Migration Cisco has developed a tool called Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment which can be used for Migration or Upgrades. This tool ease the job of an engineer and eliminates many manual task and save some time as well. There are two ways

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Configure Intercom lines

Intercom is a type of line which combines both speed dial and a phone line functionality respectively. It allows the callee to place the call on a predefined destination. The called destination auto answers the phone with mute activated in speaker phone mode, regardless of

Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP

Cisco CUCM WebDialer HTTP We have been using Desk Phones or Soft Phones to make calls but there is also an option to dial numbers from URL in Cisco Unified Communication Manager. This feature is called as Cisco WebDial. To use the WebDial Service, please

Call Back Feature – Cisco Unified Communication Manager

Hello All, What is Call Back feature in Cisco Unified Communication Manager? The Call Back feature allows you to receive call-back notification on your Cisco Unified IP Phone when a called party line becomes available. For example:- Phone A is calling Phone B. Phone A

Cluster ID Change – Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster ID Change Cluster ID parameter is an unique identifier for the clusters. By default the value for Cluster ID is set to “StandAloneCluster”. When configuring Extension Mobility Cross Cluster (EMCC) or Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS), cluster id has to be unique

Multi-Language Call Routing Unity Connection

Hello Everyone, Today, we are going to extend the call flow with a different requirement. Last Time the requirement was as follow. “We have CUCM v10.0 integrated with Cisco Unity. The requirement is – In case the customer knows the extension and dials in the

Prepare Cluster for Rollback to Pre-8.0

Prepare Cluster for Rollback to Pre-8.0 When migrating IP Phones from clusters from 8.X on wards to 9.X /10.X /11.X versions, you may encounter issue with security files i.e., ITL files (Initial Trust List). which is a new security feature by default. The ITL files

Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status

Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status Configure Hunt Group Queue statistics / status on Cisco IP Phone for the calls coming into hunt pilot queue which will help you to know how many calls are waiting into the Queue.  This helps supervisor or agents to

CUCM, Cisco Unity Connection, UCCX Root Access

Get Root Access to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) or UCCX. There are many advantages of having root access to the system but there are some dis-advantages also unless you know what you are doing with your root access. Root

CUCM Bulk Certificate Import Error – Bug CSCuy43181

CUCM Bulk Certificate Import Error – Bug CSCuy43181 In our last post we discussed about “Migrating ITL files between CUCM Clusters (article link shared below). You may encounter an error while importing the consolidated certificate “ Error decoding PKCS 12 input” which is a

Claudio Quiroz Cabello

Electrical Engineer CCNA Collaboration CCNA Voice CCNA R&S. I'm Electrical Engineer and I work like Support Engineer for a Telephony Service Provider Company. Before that I had position like Pre-Sale Engineer about small and medium multivendor telephony solutions. I have 5 years of experience working in Telephony Multivendor Projects. I am also 3 years of experience working in Support and implementation about Cisco Collaboration platforms: UCS server, UCM, Cisco Unity, Presence Server, Jabber, Gateway. Support Community is most useful in finding design, implementation and support tricks and shortcuts that greatly help me in my daily activities. If you need to contact me, please you can writte me.

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Am a technology enthusiast. I work in network support providing support with implementation, maintaining and precisely troubleshooting the infra.
Realm of collaboration makes me want to learn and face new challenges more and more.

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