CUCM and IM & Presence Server Integration

CUCM and IM&Presence Server Integration

Are you trying to integrate Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) with Cisco Unified Presence (CUP)/ IM & Presence (IM&P) with a SIP Trunk? If yes, then follow the below steps in order to integrate.

Configuration on Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • Login to Cisco Unified Communications ManagerCreating SIP Trunk Security Profile
  • Go to System > Security > SIP Trunk Security Profile > Add New
  • Name > Non Secure SIP Trunk Presence Security Profile
  • Description > IM&P SIP Trunk Security Profile
  • Device Security Mode > Non Secure
  • Incoming Transport Type > TCP + UDP
  • Outgoing Transport Type > TCP
  • Check Mark > Accept Presence Subscription
  • Check Mark > Accept out-of-dialog-refer**
  • Check Mark > Accept unsolicited notification
  • Check Mark > Accept replaces header
  • Click on Save

Creating SIP Profile

  • Go to Device > Device Settings > SIP Profile > Add New
  • Name > Standard SIP Profile for Presence
  • Description > SIP Profile for IM&P
  • Check Mark > Enable OPTIONS Ping to monitor destination status for Trunks with Service Type “None (Default)”
  • Leave every other parameters as default
  • Click on Save

Creating a new SIP Trunk

  • Go to Device > Trunk > Add New
  • Trunk Type > SIP Trunk
  • Device Protocol > SIP
  • Trunk Service Type > None(Default)
  • Click on Next
  • Device Name > SIP Trunk for Presence
  • Description > SIP Trunk for IM&P
  • Device Pool > Select appropriate Device Pool
  • Media Resource Group List > Select appropriate MRGL
  • Location > Select appropriate Location
  • Destination Address > Enter IM&P IP Address
  • Destination Port > Enter IM&P Port as 5060
  • SIP Trunk Security Profile > Select Non Secure SIP Trunk Presence Security Profile from Drop down Menu
  • SIP Profile > Select SIP Profile for IM&P from Drop Down Menu
  • Leave every other parameters as default
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Reset

    Creating UC Service

  • Go to User Management > User Settings > UC Service 
  • Product Type > Unified CM (IM and Presence)
  • Name > Jabber Presence
  • Description > UC Service for Jabber
  • Hostname / IP Address > Enter the IP Address of IM&P
  • Go to User Management > User Settings > Service Profiles > Add New
  • Name > Jabber Service Profile
  • Description > Profile Service for Jabber
  • IM and Presence Profile >
    • Primary > Select  Jabber Presence from the Drop Down Menu
  • Click on Save

 Configuration on IM&Presence 

  • Login to Cisco IM & Presence
  • Go to Presence > Settings > Standard Configuration
  • CUCM IM and Presence Trunk > Select  SIP Trunk for Presence from Drop Down Menu
  • Click on Save

Note: The above configuration is just a trunk configuration between CUCM and IM&P, not full fledged IM&P Server configuration.
Hope this helps!

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2 Responses

  1. GERALD COATES says:

    hello sir, I have a question.
    Do I configure the IM and presence services on the publisher or subscriber?

  2. Uday Chakraborty says:

    Hello Avinash

    Very nicely summarized steps! I suppose we can add 1 more step:

    In CUCM:
    System -> Service Parameter Configuration -> Select the CUCM pub node in “Server” and Cisco CallManager under “Service” -> In “IM and Presence Publish Trunk” select “SIP Trunk for Presence” and save.

    NOTE: Cisco Presence Engine and Cisco SIP Proxy service should be running on IM&P.

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