Configure Music on Hold (MoH) for Asterisk

Configure Music on Hold  for Asterisk

Configure Music on Hold on Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix to allow music to be played when a call is on hold or call is on the Queue when no agents are available to pick the call.

Configuration in Asterisk

  • Login to Asterisk Server
  • Navigate to PBX > Music on Hold
  • Click on Add Music Category
  • Category Name > MoH Source
  • Click on Submit Changes
  • Click on Apply Configuration Changes
  • Click on Browse > Choose the WAV file which you would like to play when the call is on hold > Click on Upload

(The format of the WAV file should be in 16000khz, Sample rate 16 bit, Channel Mono)

  • Click on Apply Configuration Changes
  • Now configure Music on Hold for your Conference or Queue > Navigate to Music on Hold Class > Select MoH Source from the drop down menu.

Hope this helps!

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