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Configure Music on Hold (MoH) for Asterisk

Hello All, Configure Music on Hold on Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix to allow music to be played when a call is on hold or call is on the Queue when no agents are available to pick the call. Configuration Login to Asterisk Server Navigate to PBX > Music

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Configure Automated Attendant IVR on Asterisk

Hello All, Configure Automated Attendant or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) on Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix to handle inbound calls to your organization. This can be achieved easily but it needs little planning like – What would be the Business Hours Greetings that caller would hear? What would be

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Add System Recordings or Greetings in Asterisk

Hello All, If you would like to setup IVR or Auto-Attendant for your organization in Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX, you need to add recordings or greetings in your server which will be heard to the callers when they dial the IVR DID number. To upload greetings/recordings in the

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Extensions Call Recording with Asterisk PBX

Hello All, Configuring Call Recording in Asterisk PBX for Inbound and Outbound Calls  (Internal/External) is quite easier than any other recording applications like Mediasense or Calabrio Call Recording or Nice call recording. The reason being is call recording is an inbuilt functionality in Asterisk PBX.

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Asterisk PBX as Voicemail for CUCM

Hello All, Configure Asterisk PBX as Voicemail Server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) which will use SIP Trunk Integration between the Asterisk and CUCM.  The callers can deposit voicemail if the extension is busy/unavailable/unregistered. The end users can also listen to their voicemail as

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Asterisk PBX Comedian Mail Change Audio Greetings

Hello All, Change the default Asterisk “Comedian Mail” Greetings to your own customized greeting. Comedian Mail Greeting is heard when someone dials *97 or *98 from their IP Phones or Softphones. To changed the greetings, follow the below procedure. Record a Greeting like “Welcome to

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CUCM Asterisk SIP Settings (Basic)

Hello All, In one of our post we have learned how to create Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to Asterisk SIP Trunk. In case if you have not followed the link, you can refer to it. ( I have received many comments from the visitors

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Reset Elastix Web Admin Password

Hello All, Sometimes after the installation of Elastix on server you might try to login to Web using Admin credentials which may fail but however SSH will work. To reset Admin Web password, you need to log into the server via console , or via SSH.

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CUCM Asterisk SIP Trunk Integration

Hello Everyone, Today, lets configure a Trunk between CUCM and Asterisk. I was pretty much happier when i got this configured and working, hope you would also be happy as well. Lets start.     CUCM CONFIGURATION   1. Login to Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

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