Installing AsteriskNow on VMWare

Installing AsteriskNow on VMWare

Have you ever installed Asterisk on VMware? It’s quite easy and it takes hardly 60 mins to complete the installation. Below are the steps.

  • Download AsteriskNow ISO File from official website.
  • Create a Virtual Machine.
  • Mount the ISO that you have downloaded in the Virtual Machine.
  • Power ON the Virtual Machine
  • Select “Full Install” when screen reads “Welcome to FreePBX X.X version”and hit Enter
  • Select “Enable IPv4 Support”
  • Select “Manual Configuration”
  • Hit Enter on OK button
  • Select Timezone and Hit Enter on OK button when prompted
  • Enter root password when prompted
  • Wait for an hour time and the installation will be completed. Once the installation is completed, it will ask you to enter credentials for root.
  • Launch your favorite browser and enter the IP Address that you defined in Manual configuration for IPv4
  • Create Username and Password
  • Enter Email Address
  • Click on “Set up My Account”

That’s all !! You are done with the installation.

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