Cisco VG224 FXS Port Unknown

Cisco VG224 FXS Port shows Unknown

While working on VG224, the device shows all ports as unknown status on Call Manager.


This issue is found rarely, but you have some steps to diagnostic: network connectivity, protocol, voice ports. In my case, the VG is set as SCCP protocol, so I´m going to do some tests about it. Firstly verify the stcapp protocol. That is an easy step you must always do. In my case it was inactive.

VG224#show stcapp device summary

stcapp application state is inactive.

So I proceeded to enable it.



The stcapp feature allows CUCM to control analog phones through FXS ports in a Voice Gateway. The ports come back to be fine again:

VG224#show stcapp device summary

Total Devices:           24

Total Calls in Progress: 0

Total Call Legs in Use:  0


Port       Device          Device   Call          Dev     Directory   Dev

Identifier Name            State    State         Type    Number      Cntl

———- ————— ——– ————- ——- ———– —-

2/0        AN2545894883400 IS       IDLE           ALG     9854       CCM

2/1        AN2545894883401 IS       IDLE           ALG     9855       CCM

2/2        AN2545894883402 IS       IDLE           ALG     9856       CCM

2/3        AN2545894883403 IS       IDLE           ALG     9857       CCM

2/4        AN2545894883404 OOS      UNREGISTERED   ALG     Not Avail  UNKN

2/5        AN2545894883405 IS       IDLE           ALG     9860       CCM

2/6        AN2545894883406 IS       IDLE           ALG     9861       CCM

2/7        AN2545894883407 IS       IDLE           ALG     9862       CCM


As you can see there is one port as unregistered, but that´s ok, because the analog phone was disconnected.

The Cisco VG224 is updated and you can buy it when you need it. The website stills shows it hasn’t been End of Life announced.

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3 Responses

  1. Igor says:

    You wrote “As you can see there is one port as unregistered, but that´s ok, because the analog phone was disconnected.”
    how do you think, is it possible some way to disable registration requests from unused analog port (when no phone is connected)?

  2. Claudio Quiroz Cabello says:

    Hello Igor,
    That´s is hard, because the port status is a default conditon.
    Regards from Chile

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