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Extension Mobility Bulk Login without PIN

Extension Mobility Bulk Login and Logout without PIN Are you looking for Remote Bulk Login/Logout Extension Mobility tool without PIN? If yes, then you search is over.  This tool can help you to login or logout (individual/bulk) user(s) or do a cluster logout as well.

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Remote Bulk Login Logout Tool Cisco Extension Mobility

Hello All, Remote Bulk Login Logout Tool helps to Login or Logout from Cisco IP Phones (Extension Mobility) in bulk remotely within few minutes. There are certain scenarios like new implementation of site, where the Phones are deployed in different desk at office and you

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Cisco CDR Reporting Tool Automated

Hello All, When you are working on the CDR Dump either for reporting or troubleshooting, are you tired of converting Signed Integers to an IP Address or referring to the cause codes again and again and do your analysis? I have created an excel sheet

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