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DRF Backup or Restore Failure CUCM or CUC

Hi All, You may at times receive an error “109-Unable to transfer the tar file over SFTP channel as currently configured SFTP server does not support output stream” while taking Backup or Restore in Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection. If so, refer

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Cisco PCD SFTP Username

Hello All, Are you doing Migration or Installation or Upgrade using Prime Collaboration Deployment Tool which requires you to select COP files or ISO files? The ISO or COP files has to be placed in Cisco PCD Server before you create the task. You can

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Cisco CUCM or CUC DRS SFTP Backup Failed

Hello All, We know that taking backup regularly is very important and can be used to restore the data when Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection fails to work or rebuild is required. So, we need to ensure that the backup is 100%

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