Cisco CUCM or CUC DRS SFTP Backup Failed

Cisco CUCM or CUC DRS SFTP Backup Failed

We know that taking backup regularly is very important and can be used to restore the data when Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection fails to work or rebuild is required. So, we need to ensure that the backup is 100% completed and successful.

But sometimes, we may encounter errors while taking backup such as “ERROR: SFTP transfer failed as backup size was not increasing for the past 15 minutes. Either there is not enough disk space or network transfer rate is too slow with the configured SFTP Server. Please either free some space on SFTP“.

Example – Suppose you have a backup of Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unity Connection. The data to be backed up is 15 GB. The tool will fail to take backup when the file size reaches 1 GB

To avoid this, you need to install some other SFTP applications like Cygwin or Titan FTP. The application works great and it will help to create the backup successful.

Hope this helps!!

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  1. Jaron Davis says:

    Exellent recommendation. You mentioned Cygwin and TitanSFTP. Titan can be pricey, and Cygwin can be difficult to work with. I actually wrote an article on setting up OpenSSH on a Windows Server 2019, which is a free solution that is built into Windows Server 2019 and is Cisco supported.

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