Add System Recordings or Greetings in Asterisk

Add System Recordings or Greetings in Asterisk

If you would like to setup IVR or Auto-Attendant for your organization in Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX, you need to add recordings or greetings in your server which will be heard to the callers when they dial the IVR DID number.
To upload greetings/recordings in the server, follow the below procedure.

  • Login to your Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix Server
  • Navigate to PBX > System Recordings >
  • There are two ways you can upload the recordings/greetings.

    A> You can call an extension number from Asterisk to any IP Phone and record the greetings.

    B> You can record greetings using third party applications like Wavepad or Sound Recorder etc. The recordings has to be in the format – PCM encoded, 16 Bits, 8000Hz

Recording using Extension

  • Enter Extension Number and Click on Go. We will use 1000 as Extension Number
  • Now from extension 1000, we will dial *77 and wait for a beep. Once we hear the beep sound, we will record the greetings. Once the recording is completed, hang up the phone
  • Now to verify/listen to the greeting dial *99 from extension 1000
  • If you are not satisfied with the recording, hang up the phone. Dial *77 to re-record the greeting.
  • Name this Recording > Enter a Name to the Recording
  • Click on Save

Recording using Third-Party Application

  • Use any third-party application which you are familiar with and record the greeting in the format mentioned above and save them in your Desktop.
  • Click on Add Recording on the Asterisk Page
  • Click on Browse and select the greeting/recording that you saved above
  • Click on Upload
  • Name this Recording > Enter a name to the Recording
  • Click on Save

Hope this helps!

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