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Change CUCM IP Address Cisco

Change CUCM IP Address Cisco

Changing the IP Address in Cisco Unified Communication Manager sounds very easy but this most crucial part as it may end up in dbreplication failures where you might encounter issues like “Database Communication Error”.  So, we have to be very careful when performing the steps. Please take a backup of your Cluster before performing the below steps.

Ensure that the Cluster is Healthy:

  • Login to CLI and check for dbreplication between the clusters and ensure that it is Good. Login to CLI and enter show perf query class “Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication”. If you have just Publisher you would see the Value as 0 or if you have Publisher + Subscribers you have to ensure you see the value to be 2 which means Good.

Change the IP Address in CUCM Admin Page

  • Login to CUCM  Publisher Admin Page GUI >
  • Go to System > Server > Click on the IP Address for which you want to change into a New IP Address.
  • Host Name/IP Address > Enter the IP Address of the Publisher/Subscriber and click on Save
  • Login to CUCM CLI > Enter “run sql select name,nodeid from ProcessNode” and ensure that you see the New IP Address in the Output table for the Publisher/Subscriber IP you have changed. If you don’t see the changes reflected yet, wait for sometime and verify it again. On successful verification only, go to the next step.

Change the IP Address in the OS Admin CLI

  • Login to the CLI of Publisher/Subscriber for which you have changed the IP Address in the above steps.
  • Configure the Default Gateway > set default gateway x.x.x.x
  • Change the IP Address of the Server > set network ip eth0 x.x.x.x  x.x.x.x  x.x.x.x         (First set of x.x.x.x is IP address, Second set of x.x.x.x is Subnet Mask and third set of x.x.x.x is the Gateway IP Address)
  • Enter “Y” to continue and restart and Publisher/Subscriber for which you have just changed the IP Address

Change the IP Address of Publisher Servers on Subscribers (**This is applicable only when you have changed the Publisher IP Address**)

  • Login to Subscriber > Enter the command “set network cluster publisher ip x.x.x.x”    (x.x.x.x represents Publisher IP Address)
  • Reboot your subscribers

Once the above steps are performed, wait for some time and verify DBReplication on your Publisher Server.
Hope this helps!!

Originally posted 2016-03-11 15:42:04. Published by Team UC Collabing

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