Singlewire Informacast Installation

Singlewire Informacast Installation

InformaCast is an advance notification system which will provide notifications as well as emergency notifications to employees via Cisco IP Phones, Speakers, ad-hoc audio, text to IP Phones etc. This product is owned by SingleWire.

To start with the installation, below are the steps.

  • Download the OVA from SingleWire (Bootable InformaCast Virtual Appliance)
  • Deploy the OVA file on your VMware Vsphere
  • Once the OVA is deployed, Power ON the InformaCast Virtual Machine
  • Read the End User License Agreement on the Console screen and click on “I Agree”
  • Network Configuration – Radio Check “Enter Manually” and click on Submit
  • Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, First DNS Server and Second DNS Server. Click on Submit
  • Review the Network Configuration and click on Finish
  • Once the installation is completed, Click on OK
  • Launch browser and type the url as “https://x.x.x.x:8444/InformaCast/”   — (Replace X.X.X.X with InformaCast Server IP Address)
  • Enter your Login username as “admin” and password as “changeMe” and click on Login

Note: InformaCast supports browser like  Firefox 15, Chrome 18, or Internet Explorer 9. If you use any higher versions of the browser, you might get some SSL errors.

That’s all !! Your installation is completed.

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