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Repeated characters when typing in Vmware remote console

Hi All, You might have faced the issue of repeating character when typing in Vmware remote console. You will see unintended keystrokes when you type. For example – If your intention is  to type “Administrator” and when you type it becomes “Aaadminiiistttratooor“, this is what called

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Cisco PCD Network Migration

Hi All, In our previous post, we learned how to do PCD Simple Migration. This post will talk about Network Migration using PCD. There are two ways we can do a migration > Simple Migration > In this migration, the network details like IP Address,

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Cisco PCD Simple Migration

Hi All, Cisco has developed a tool called Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment which can be used for Migration or Upgrades. This tool ease the job of an engineer and eliminates many manual task and save some time as well. There are two ways we can

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Cisco PCD SFTP Username

Hello All, Are you doing Migration or Installation or Upgrade using Prime Collaboration Deployment Tool which requires you to select COP files or ISO files? The ISO or COP files has to be placed in Cisco PCD Server before you create the task. You can

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Cisco PCD Cluster Discovery Internal Error

Hello All, Have you ever used Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment Tool to migrate Unified Communications from Legacy to New Cluster? If yes, then there are times when you may encounter an error “Internal Error” while discovering the machines. If you encounter such issues, follow ensure

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