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Cisco PCD Cluster Discovery Internal Error

Cisco PCD Cluster Discovery Internal Error

Have you ever used Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment Tool to migrate Unified Communications from Legacy to New Cluster? If yes, then there are times when you may encounter an error “Internal Error” while discovering the machines. If you encounter such issues, follow ensure that you perform below checks.

  1. Verify if the License is Valid on Unified Communications. If you see any license issue, you need to re-host the licenses.
  2. For the Publisher or Subscriber where you are seeing “Internal Error“, Login to that Publisher/Subscriber via CLI and type “show version active” and verify if “ciscocm.ucmap_platformconfig.cop” file is present. If this file is not present, PCD will not be able to discover the Machines.

How to add “ciscocm.ucmap_platformconfig.cop” file manually?

  • Download WinSCP application and install in a system
  • Download SFTP application and install in the same system
  • Launch WinSCP and Enter PCD IP Address, Username as “adminsftp” and Password for PCD.
  • Go to COP folder and download ciscocm.ucmap_platformconfig.cop.sgn from PCD Server to your Desktop.
  • Login to the Cisco Unified Operating System Administration node in which COP file is missing >  “https://X.X.X.X/cmplatform”
  • Navigate Software Upgrades > Install/Upgrade
  • Source > Remote Filesystem
  • Directory > Enter the Directory where the cop file is placed
  • Server > Enter the SFTP IP Address of the Server in which cop file is copied
  • Username > Enter the SFTP Username you created on SFTP Application
  • Password > Enter the SFTP Password you created on SFTP Application
  • Click on Next
  • Select the COP file from the drop down menu and Install the file
  • Verify if the file is successfully installed
  • Reboot the Publisher/Subscriber in which you installed the COP file
  • Try to discover the machines again and see if the machine is discovered now. If the machine is not yet discovered, reboot the entire CUCM Cluster and then try to discover it again.

I hope this will help you to resolve your issue.


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