Cisco CUCM Meet Me to Play Announcement

Originally posted on August 30, 2021 @ 1:58 pm

Cisco CUCM Meet Me to Play Announcement

Let’s configure Meet-Me to Play Callers Name when they join the meeting. In our scenario, we will configure it as follow.

Meet me conference is initiated by the host. The attendees will dial a number which will be routed to Unity Connection and they will hear something Welcome to XYZ’s Conference. Press 1 to join the meeting. As soon as they Press 1, they will be asked their name and the name will be announced to the host who initiated the meeting.

To achieve this, please follow the below configuration.


  1. Create a Meet Me Number, let’s say 10000 in Cisco Unified Communication Manager
  2. Create a CTI Route Point or Hunt Pilot as 10001 in Cisco Unity Connection


  1. Create a Call Handler in Unity Connection > Meet-Me-Transfer
  2. Edit Transfer Rules > Transfer Calls to Extension or URI > Enter the Meet-Me Number as 10000
  3. Transfer Type > Select Supervise Transfer
  4. Unckeck > Play the “Wait While I Transfer Your Call” Prompt
  5. Call Screening > Check Mark >   Tell Me When the Call Is Connected and Ask for Caller’s Name


  1. Create another Call Handler in Unity Connection > Meet-Me-Greetings
  2. Edit > Caller Input 1 > Radio Check Call Handler > Select Meet-Me-Transfer from Drop Down Menu
  3. Edit > Greetings > Radio Check My Personal Recording and Upload the Greeting which says “Welcome to XYZ Conference… Press 1….”


  1. Create a Direct Routing Rule > Meet-Me-Greetings-DRL
  2. Radio Check > Call Handler and Select Meet-Me-Greetings from Drop Down Menu
  3. Add a Routing Rule Conditions > Dialed IN Number > 10001

That’s All. Let the Host initiate  Meet-Me conference by pressing Meet-Me softkey. Let other users dial 10001 from their IP Phone and follow.

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