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Cisco UCCX Email Scripting – Emergency Number

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting – Emergency Number

Lets continue further with UCCX Email Scripting. This post is related to email scripting where an emergency number is dialed like 911. This is basically to track the person and aware the owners (Like Administrator, Security Office, Managers etc) that someone has dialed the emergency number. The outcome will be as follow.
1. Calling Party Number: X1234
2. Called Party Number: 911
3. Email Triggered to owners.
4. Emergency Number is dialed.
5. Call Connected between the Caller and the Called Party.
The step will be as follows:-
1. Make sure that your CUCM, UCCX and Mail server is running up and fine, If not, kindly check the previous post where we have configured UCCX and Mail Server.
2. Create an application as “Emergency” and add a trigger as “911”
3. Create a script as shown below.
4. Point the Emergency Application to the Emergency Email Script created.
5. Go to CUCM and create a route pattern with 9.911 and select appropriate PSTN gateway and Discard Pre-Dot.
You are ready with the Emergency Setup.
Note:- I have not tested this with any real time emergency number. I have tested this with 6 Digits internal Lab Number. This is for educational purpose only, please ensure that you do not play around with emergency numbers. I will not be held responsible for any calls made to emergency number during your lab testing.

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