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vCenter 5.1 Timed waiting for vpxa to start

vCenter 5.1 Timed waiting for vpxa to start Recently, i installed vCenter 5.1 in Lab and tried to connect ESXi host with vCenter but got an error “A general system error occurred. Timed waiting for vpxa to start.” I restarted Network Management Agents and re-initiated the host

Vsphere ESXI Host Yellow Triangle Warning?

Vsphere ESXI Host Yellow Triangle Warning? Are you seeing yellow triangle warning on ESXi hosts on vCenter? What could be the reason you are seeing those warning? Can these warnings be disabled? The reason you see the yellow triangle/exclamation mark on ESXi host is when you

Adding ESXi Host to VMware vCenter

Adding ESXi Host to VMware vCenter vCenter Server is installed on a Windows Server or a Linux Server which is a Centralized Management Application that helps to manage ESXi  host and  Virtual Machines centrally at one place. You don’t have to login to different ESXi Host to

What files make up a Virtual Machine?

What files make up a Virtual Machine? We do work on Virtual Machines on day-to-day basis and now it’s time to know the file types used by Virtual Machines. .vmx is Virtual Machine’s Configuration .vmsn is Virtual Machine’s running configuration Snapshot taken .log is Virtual Machine’s log files which

Installing VMware VCenter 5.0 Steps by Steps

Installing VMware VCenter 5.0 Steps by Steps Installing VMware VCenter 5.0 is quite easy and it can be installed on Windows Server. To install, follow the below steps. Ensure that your Windows Server has joined a Domain where you will be installing VMware VCenter 5.0.

Good Bye Vsphere Client and Welcome Vsphere HTML5 Web Client

Vsphere HTML5 Web Client On May 18, 2016, VMWare announced that VSphere Client (Desktop) will not be available for the next version of vSphere however the current versions of Vsphere (6.0, 5.5) will continue with Vsphere Client. Future releases of Vsphere client will be HTML5 based Web

Installing VMWare ESXi 5.X on bare metal

Install Vmware ESXI on bare metal VMware ESXi is a bare metal hyper-visor from VMware . ESXi is a software which has to be installed onto physical servers and on top of ESXi, Virtual Machines are installed/configured. Before installing ESXi, you need to follow the compatibility matrix

Is not a Valid Static Ethernet Address Vsphere

Is not a Valid Static Ethernet Address Vsphere When you change the Mac-Address you might encounter an error stating that “Failed to start the virtual machine. XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is not a valid static Ethernet address. It conflicts with VMware reserved MACs for other usage“. The first

VSphere Mac-Address Change?

Change VSphere ESXi Mac-Address Want to change Mac-Address in VSphere ESXi? If yes, below are the easy steps provided to change the Mac-Address. Login to VSphere ESXi Ensure that the Virtual Machine is powered off before you attempt to change the Mac-Address Right Click the

Enable SSH on Vsphere ESXi?

Enable SSH on Vsphere ESXi If you are trying to access Vsphere ESXi via SSH and the SSH is not working, verify the following thing in order to enable SSH. Verify if SSH is enabled on Vsphere ESXi (using Console) Launch Vsphere ESXi Console Press

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