LDAP User Search Base CUCM/CUC

LDAP User Search Base CUCM/CUC

Are you configuring LDAP for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Unity Connection (CUC)? Not good with Windows Servers and struggling with LDAP User Search base? Don’t worry, the easiest way to find the Search Base is shown below.

CN – Common Name
DC – Domain Component
DN – Distinguished name

Now to find the search base, first you need to know what is the User created in LDAP Server which will be used by LDAP Manager Distinguished Name field. Let’s say the user created in LDAP directory is ldapcucm.

  • Now on your Windows Server 20XX, open command prompt
  • Type ” dsquery user -name ldap* ” without quotes
  • You will get the results as follows
  • C:\Users\Administrator> dsquery user -name ldap*
  • You can now use the LDAP search base and proceed with your LDAP configuration. You may refer to the below post for CUCM LDAP Active Directory Integration-Sync.


Hope this helps!

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