Unrestricted String is Empty – Error in CUCM Installation

Unrestricted String is Empty – Error in CUCM Installation

Recently i was working on a migration of CUCM from 8.X to 10.X using PCD and i faced an error as “Unrestricted String is Empty” and i had to restart with the installation again and again. I did the installation thrice assuming that the error may wipe out and it will proceed further but no luck. Below is how i resolved the issue.

  1. Logged into 8.X Cisco Unified Communication Manager and verified Database Replication which was broken. I fixed the replication issue first.
  2. Deleted the OVA and re-deployed the OVA.
  3. Deleted the task and discovery information from PCD.
  4. Rediscovered 8.X Cluster and created a task again. Started with the migration and it went successful.

Hope this helps!!

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2 Responses

  1. KT says:

    Did you have to reboot Publisher .?

    • Administrator says:

      No, in my case publisher reboot was not required. If still you are unable to proceed without rebooting the Publisher, try to reboot it off business hours.

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