Busy Lamp Field – Speed Dial

Busy Lamp Field – Speed Dial

What is BLF (Busy Lamp Field)?  The BLF feature allows a user to monitor the real-time status of another user at a directory number or SIP URI from the device of the watcher. Let’s say User A wants to monitor the real-time status of User B, User A can configure a Speed Dial BLF on his/her phone and can see the live/current status of User B if he/she is idle or on a call.
Let’s configure this – Configuration is quite easy and simple!!
Prerequisite – Ensure that BLF For Call Lists is Enabled in Enterprise Parameters. By Default this parameter is Disabled.

  1. Go to Device > Device Settings > Phone Button Template > Add new
  • Phone Button Template > Select appropriate template from Drop Down Menu for your Phone Type
  • Click on Copy
  • Button Template Name > Give a name to the Phone Button Template
  • Click on Save
  • Go to Line Button number based on your requirement from 2 – 8  > Select Speed dial BLF from Drop Down Menu and Enter a Label
  • Click on Save

2.  Go to Phone > Apply the Phone Button Template and Reset the Phone

  • You will be able to see Busy Lab Field on the Left hand Side under Lines
  • Click on BLF and ensure that popup is enabled
  • Enter the Extension number you want to monitor the Phone
  • Enter a Label – Name or Extension
  • Enter a Label ASCII
  • Click on Save and Close
  • Subscribe Calling Search Space – Configure the CSS so that the Phone has authority to reach the desired Destination Phone’s Partition
  • Save the Phone page and Reset the IP Phone
  • You will be able to see a Speed Dial button on your IP Phone

Testing : – ON HOOK and OFF HOOK
Now when User B is in ON hook the icon will be shown as below, which means IDLE.
Now when the User B goes OFF hook the icon will be shown as below, which means BUSY.

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