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Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification

Hunt Group Login/Logout Notification

Configure Hunt Group Login and Logout on IP Phone which will show a notification if an IP Phone is logged into Hunt Group or logged out of the Hunt Group by turning ON or OFF Light on Line Buttons. To configure notification (light) on Speed Dial, follow the below steps.

In our below configuration, we will use Cisco 9971 IP Phone as a reference for sample configuration.

  • Login to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Go to Device > Device Settings > Phone Button Template
  • Clone Standard 9971 SIP template and name it as Standard 9971 SIP with Hunt Group
  • Choose the Line Number where you would like the notification to appear. In our reference, we will use Line 2 for notification. Select Hunt Group Logout from the drop down menu
  • Click on Save
  • Now assign “Standard 9971 SIP with Hunt Group” to Cisco 997 IP Phones. (Only to the agents who are part of Hunt Groups)
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Reset
  • Once the IP Phone is up, you can press Line 2 button to login or logout from the hunt group.
  • Make some test call and ensure that your configuration is working as expected

Note: When you login to the hunt group, the light will be turned ON and when you logout from the hunt group, the light will be turned off.

Hope this helps!

Originally posted 2016-07-28 10:00:22. Published by Team UC Collabing

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