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CUCM Database Traceback DBReplrtstate py Error

CUCM Database Traceback DBReplrtstate py Error

While working on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you may receive an error “Database Communications Error” when you access CUCM Web Page. Also when you try to run “utils dbreplication runtimestate”, you may receive below shared error :

admin:utils dbreplication runtimestate
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File “/usr/local/cm/bin/”, line 1319, in <module>

IndexError : string index out of range 


To resolve the error, i tried the below steps:

Restarting the below services on Publisher via CLI:

  • utils service stop A Cisco DB
  • utils service start A Cisco DB

Restarted the below services from Publisher via GUI:

  • Cisco Extended Function service from serviceability page

Then i tried to execute the command “utils dbreplication runtimestate”  but still the error was there. I had to restart the Publisher and Subscriber outside business hours to resolve the issue.
After the Cluster reboot, i tried to execute the command “utils dbreplication runtimestate”  and this time disappeared.

Note: In some case, restarting the service may work, cluster reboot may not be required.
Hope this helps!

Originally posted 2017-02-22 21:16:39. Published by Team UC Collabing

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