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Block Incoming calls based on calling party number CUCM

5 thoughts on “Block Incoming calls based on calling party number CUCM”

  1. user7 says:

    I tried this setup, however the part about adding Translation Patterns with the “!” twice is not allowed. I would love to do this if anyone can provide more details.

    1. Avinash Karnani
      Avinash Karnani says:

      I believe that you might have added “!” pattern twice with same partition/null partition. The actual work is to add “!” with two different partition, i.e., Gateway_PRT and Filter_PRT. Let me know if you face any issues?

  2. mostapha zedan says:

    actually i have one quisetn is little difrrent is that i have three DN’s range all of them locally 1.X.X.X is used for loacl staff and 3.X.X.X used in Asstant and 2.X.X.X used for mangers all of them registerd in on cucm i want to have the seanrios is STaff can call each other and Asstant but it prenvent from call the manger and the Asstant can be able to call staff and mangers and the mangers can dial all how it this accomlpish over a CUCM

    1. Avinash Karnani
      Avinash Karnani says:

      Hi Mostapha,
      To achieve the above scenario, you need to play with Partition and CSS.
      Create 3 Partition and 3 CSS (Staff_PRT, Staff_CSS, Manager_PRT, Manager_CSS, Assistant_PRT, Assistant_CSS)
      1. In Staff_CSS > Assign Staff_PRT and Assistant_PRT
      2. In Manager_CSS > Assign Staff_PRT, Assistant_PRT and Manager_PRT
      3. In Assistant_CSS > Assign Staff_PRT and Manager_PRT
      4. Now in Manager’s IP Phone > Assign Manager_PRT and Manager_CSS
      5. Now in Staff’s IP Phone > Assign Staff_PRT and Staff_CSS
      6. Now in Assistant’s IP Phone > Assign Assistant_PRT and Assistant_CSS
      That’s all. Let me know if you are facing any issues.

  3. TrevHeiss says:

    Sorry to resurrect this old post. But your article is very easy to follow and to compare with mine when compared to other posts.
    I am trying to use the “Route Next Hop By Calling Party Number” to route calls based on their Calling Party ID.
    What I have is similarly setup as above, except that my translation pattern is only matching PSTN-destined calls, ie: 9.! instead of ! for pattern matching. The idea is to block any calls that do not have the authorized Calling Party ID, while letting matched Calling Party ID thru on a QSIG-SIP gateway.
    It seems that I am not able to match the Calling Party ID, but everything is blocked by the catch-all pattern (pattern ! to block non-matched numbers). Is the presentation of calling party ID different for SIP?

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