3rd Party BIB Recording – On-Net Calls not Recorded

3rd Party BIB Recording – On-Net Calls not Recorded

I encountered an issue where CUCM 9.2.1 integrated with the 3rd Party BIB Recording System, where some on-net calls can’t be recorded in the same site. I got the solution to fixed the issue.

Collect related information:

Please kindly follow below steps and collect related information first:

  • Go to CUCM Publisher Web Admin Page, find two IP Phones which have the issue;
  • Change “SPAN to PC” to “Enabled”;
  • Save and Reset the two IP Phones.
  • Connect PC to the PC Port on the IP Phone;
  • Run Wireshark and start to capture packets.
  • Make a test call again, note calling number, called number, date time;
  • Answer the call and keep for some seconds;
  • End the call, note date time;
  • Stop packet capture in Wireshark;
  • Open your RTMT application and login your CUCM Publisher Server;
  • Click “Trace & Log Central -> Collect Files”;
  • Choose “Cisco CallManager Service” on “All Servers”;
  • Choose correct date time range;
  • Save result to your local PC;

    Reference guide: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/126666/collecting-cucm-traces-cucm-862-tac-sr.

 Option 1:

  • Change your On-Net call in the Site to use: G.711

    Business Impact: yes, all IP Phones need to be restarted to take effect.

Option 2:

Please schedule a maintenance window:

  • Add “codec g722-64” to your transcode profile,uccollabing.com
  • Shutdown and no Shutdown the transcode profile,
  • Reset transcode profile on CUCM Transcoders Page and check the registration status,
  • Test BIB recording feature again.Note: Business Impact: yes, during your transcode “reset”, the mtp/transcode feature will be impacted.

Option 3:

Please schedule a maintenance window:

  • Go to Enterprise Parameter, change “Advertise G.722 Codec” to “Disabled”,
  • Go to Service Parameter, change “G.722 Codec Enabled” to “Disabled”,
  • Reset All IP Phones to take effect,
  • Test BIB recording feature again.

    Note:  Business Impact: yes, all IP Phones need to be restarted to take effect.

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