Verifying the Email delivery by SMTP on Cisco Unity Connection

SMTP Email delivery verifying on Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unity Connection can send message and calendar event notifications in the form of text messages to text pagers and text-compatible mobile phones with the use of SMTP. But have you wondered how to verify email delivery on Cisco Unity Connection? To start with the process, follow the below steps :


Configuration on Cisco Unity Connection:

First, You´ll need to go to Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability webpage > Trace > Micro traces > SMTP > Enable all levels > Save.

Configuration in RTMT:

Go to Unity RTMT and set the Mailbox Sync and SMTP server traces all servers

Make a test call and then collect Connection SMTP Server traces from RTMT. You will be having a set of logs to read.
The file has the extension named as UC, but you can open those logs in Notepad++ and search for the email address to which the email should have been delivered. You’ll find detailed logs for the email delivery and that should be it.
Unity real trace example:
16:29:34.417 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Unity SMTP Client: MAIL FROM:<>
16:29:34.418 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;SMTP Server: 250 2.1.0….Sender OK
16:29:34.418 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Unity SMTP Client: RCPT TO:<>
16:29:34.418 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;SMTP Server: 250 2.1.5
16:29:34.418 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Unity SMTP Client: DATA
16:29:34.420 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;SMTP Server: 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
16:29:34.461 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;SMTP Server: 250 2.6.0  <> Queued mail for delivery
16:29:34.461 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Unity SMTP Client: QUIT
16:29:34.461 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;SMTP Server: 221 2.0.0 Service closing transmission channel
16:29:34.462 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Host Name= Message ID=<> Message delivered
16:29:34.462 |27383,,,SMTP,15,Thread=SmtpClient-Delivery-1;;Stop: Processing Message. Path=/var/opt/cisco/connection/smtp/default/pickup/CUMTA.29536f29-2719-41fd-8f54-4caf7c5d7466@cuc1.txt status: completed
So you´ll see the email was delivered properly!
Hope this helps!

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2 Responses

  1. Juan Taveras says:

    Hi Claudio,
    Me encanta tu site y todos Los dias lo visito. una correcion, sciences not ciences, para tu bio.
    Do you have a how to set DID on outbound calls.

    • Claudio Quiroz Cabello says:

      Hi Juan, from Chile I give you the thanks for your suggest.
      In order to set up the DID you should consider External Phone Number Mask. It´s an atributte to manipulate the internal directory number to digits that can be routed over the PSTN. You only need to check the Directory Number Configuration External Phone Number Mask on Phone and on Route Pattern. Be carefully to do partitions and CSS´s previously.

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