Cisco UCCX Email Scripting

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting

Today let me talk about email scripting to be done in UCCX  (only basics). It is quite simple and easy to configure. We will need the following applications in order to do Email Scripting.

1.  Cisco Unified Communication Manager
2.  Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
3. Mail Server
Step 1: – Either setup a Windows/Linux mail server with Exchange and do the basic configuration. If you don’t have knowledge on Mail Server, then you can download a application called Xeam Extended Email and Messaging Server for Windows
Step 2: – Install this application on a Server and do a basic configuration like SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Adding a Domain, Creating a user and make sure all the services are running up and fine.
A. Enter the Domain – I prefer to put it as IP rather than giving Domain Name
B. Create two users to test :- “server@x.x.x.x”, “user@x.x.x.x”



Step 3: – Login to UCCX and Go to Subsystem ==> Email
Step 4: – Mail Server ==> Enter the IP Address of the Mail Server/System where the Mail Server is installed X.X.X.X (Make sure that system/server is reachable from your UCCX)
Step 5:- Email Address ==> Enter the email address which you had created in the Mail Server as mentioned in Step 2. In our case it is server@x.x.x.x
Step 6: – Save the configuration.
Step 7: – Create a Script and configure as shown in the below screenshot.
Step 8: – Upload this script in UCCX.
Step 9: – Create a Application pointing the newly created script in it and add a trigger as well.
Step 10:- Dial the Trigger and once the call ends, check if you have received the email. Check the below screenshot where i did received an email from the server.
Note: – You need to add an email account on your machine before you dial the trigger. Remember we created two users in Step 2? user@xxxx should be the email account configured in your Outlook.
Troubleshooting: – If you don’ receive an email, check if the email was spammed by the server? Has the server received any email from the server? Check the below screenshot for more clarification.

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  1. Claudio says:

    The articule is great ! thanks for share your acknowledge with us.
    I think you could publish an articule about making and loading script files on UCCX servers.

  2. Edward says:

    How to setup UCCX to send email every time there was missed or abandoned calls?

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