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Hello All,
I received a request from one of my blog follower on Unity Greetings for Busy and Unavailable Recording. Below is the query.
We have CUCM v10.0 integrated with Cisco Unity. The requirement is – In case the customer knows the extension and dials in the extension and the called person is busy on another line then “please hold track.wav” is to be played; in case the called party is not available to take the call the then “unavailable track.wav” is to be played and after the end of the track the caller should be able to leave a voicemail if he/she intends to
Here is the solution –
(I assume Cisco Unified Communication Manager is already integrated with Cisco Unity Connection)
Configuration on Cisco Unified Communication Manager

  1. Login to Cisco Unified Communication Manager.
  2. Go to Device > Phone > Locate appropriate phone. In our Example we will take as SEPABC as an IP Phone
  3. Go to Line X  of the IP Phone
  4. Locate Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings > Check Mark box to VM for the below.

Forward Busy Internal
Forward Busy External
Forward No Answer Internal
Forward No Answer External
Forward No Coverage Internal
Forward No Coverage External
Forward on CTI Failure
Forward Unregistered Internal
Forward Unregistered External

5. Now Locate Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings and Set the Parameters to “1” for the below.

Maximum Number of Calls
Busy Trigger

6. Click on Save > Apply Config > Reset the IP Phone
Note – To apply the configuration on all the Phones, it is recommended to do the above settings using Bulk Administration Tool.
Configuration on Cisco Unity Connection

  1. Login to Cisco Unity Connection
  2. Go to the User’s Mailbox (SEPABC’s mailbox)
  3. Go to Edit > Greetings > Check Mark Busy and click on Save
  4. Click on Busy
  5. Radio Check > Greeting Enabled with No End Date and Time
  6. Radio Check >  My Personal Recording under Caller Hears
  7. Radio Check > User with Mailbox under After Greeting and select the user’s mailbox from drop down (SEPABC’s mailbox)
  8. Radio Check > Attempt Transfer
  9. Click on Play/Record and Upload “please hold track.wav
  10. Click on Save
  11. Go to Edit > Greetings
  12. Click on Standard
  13. Radio Check > Greeting Enabled with No End Date and Time
  14. Radio Check >  My Personal Recording under Caller Hears
  15. Radio Check > Call Action > Select Take Message from Drop Down Menu
  16. Click on Play/Record and Upload “unavailable track.wav
  17. Click on Save


Unavailable Greeting Testing

  1. Dial SEPABC’s Extension Number from Any IP Phone and do not answer the call on SEPABC IP Phone. After the No Answer Ring Duration is completed, the caller will hear the user to be Unavailable.

Busy Greeting Testing

  1. Make a call from SEPABC’s Extension Number to IP Phone X and let the RTP Stream continues. From IP Phone Y, dial SEPABC’s Extension Number and now you should be able to hear Busy Greeting.

Please test the same and let me know if you are facing any issues

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