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Basic Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What is the Logical Link Control?
Ans:  LLC or Logical Link Control is one of the two sub layers of the data link layer of OSI reference model which is defined by the IEEE 802 standard. This sub layer is responsible for error detection only (not correction), flow control and framing.

Question: What is the Virtual Channel or a Virtual Circuit?
Ans: A virtual channel or a virtual circuit is a logical circuit that is created by virtual channel links. It carries data between two endpoints in a network.

Question: What is NetBEUI?
Ans:  NetBEUI is also termed as NetBIOS Extended User Interface. It is an improved version of the NetBIOS protocol, a network protocol native to Microsoft Networking. It is usually used in small, department-size local area networks (LANs) of 1 to 200 clients. It can use Token Ring source routing as its only method of routing.

Question: What is the Multicast Routing?
Ans: When sending a message to a multicast address group is called as multi casting, and its routing algorithm is called multicast routing. Music on Hold in Cisco IP Telephony also uses Multicast.

Question: What is the difference between Mac-Address and IP Address?
Ans: Mac address means physical address of a computer which cannot be changed. Before sending the data, switch checks whether that mac address is available into the same network or not. If yes, send the data to the destination point whereas IP address is the identity of computer. we can change the IP address.

Question: What is Protocol? How many types of Protocols are there?
Ans: A protocol is a set of rules that governs the communications between computers on a network.  The routing protocols are defined into to category:
Routing protocols
Routed protocols

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