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Basic Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Questions:  What are the various types of Ethernet?
Ans: There are 4 types of Ethernet used i.e., Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. All the ethernet types has different data rate.

Questions: What are the different type of data rate different Ethernet provides?
Ans: The following are the Ethernet types and it’s data rate

Ethernet – 10 Mbps

Fast Ethernet – 100 Mbps

Gigabit – 1000 Mbps

10 Gigabit – 10 Gbps

Questions: When we use Router and what is the use of a router?
Ans: When there are two different networks used, router is used to communicate between two networks. It does path selection and packet switching.

Questions: How many types of router are available?
Ans: There are two types of router, Modular Router and Non Modular Router

Questions: What are the ways to access router?
Ans: There are three ways to access router. They are as follows:
Console cable
Auxiliary Port

Questions: What is PING ?
Ans: PING is called as Packet Internet Gopher which uses ICMP echo request and echo reply packets to determine whether a particular IP system on a network is functional/reachable. Ping is useful for diagnosing IP network or router failures.

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