Hi All, Are you facing an issue “Failed to save script file; Please check logs for further details” while saving a script to the server from script editor? If yes, there is a small workaround which can resolve this issue.     The above issue occurs when you use the username which is not present in… Read More

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Hi All, You might have faced the issue of repeating character when typing in Vmware remote console. You will see unintended keystrokes when you type. For example – If your intention is  to type “Administrator” and when you type it becomes “Aaadminiiistttratooor“, this is what called as unintended keystrokes. There are two ways to resolve this… Read More

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Hi All, If you are upgrading your CUCM from 9.x version to a higher version, you may encounter an issue stating “there is not enough disk space in the common partition to perform the upgrade” which is caused by the bug CSCuc63312. There are two ways suggested to clear this issue : Using RTMT (Real Time… Read More

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Hello All, Configure Welcome / Login Banner on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that would display a customized message when a user logs into Cisco Unified Communications Manager. I would also call this as MOTD (Message of the Day). To configure MOTD, follow the below steps. Create a notepad file and write a text which you… Read More

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Hello All, When creating a script in UCCX,  we need to ensure that the holiday prompts are played when there are some national holidays in the country/state. For example – Christmas, New Year, Independence day including some festivals celebrated in the country/state. The below script is the simplest way to create a holiday script but however… Read More

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Hi All, Are you getting this error “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported. The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, use the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The value UI mode identifiers are GUI, Console and Silent”  when trying to install RTMT (Real Time Monitoring… Read More

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Hi All, Sometimes we urge to see the maximum number of configuration to be presented in CUCM but there is a limit that configuration can be shown between 50 to 250 devices per page. For example – There are 1500 IP Phones configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and we can see maximum of device… Read More

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