While working on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you may receive an error “Database Communications Error” when you access CUCM Web Page. Also when you try to run “utils dbreplication runtimestate”, you may receive below shared error :   admin:utils dbreplication runtimestate Traceback (most recent call last):  File “/usr/local/cm/bin/DbReplRTstate.py”, line 1319, in <module> … …… Read More

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It is very important to know the port numbers being used by the devices we work on as it makes life easier. If you are aware of the port numbers, it becomes little easier to troubleshoot. Port numbers are used to determine what protocol incoming traffic should be directed to. Ports are assigned when a session is… Read More

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For any ISDN Line to establish a Layer 1 connectivity, the switch type has to be defined and switch type is country specific. Sometimes when you taken an ISDN Connection from your service provider, they might not be aware of the switch type you should be using when you deploy/configure ISDN. In such cases we have… Read More

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Hello All, If you are working as a Voice Engineer or planning to learn Voice or may have an interview, the below list of commands are the ones which are most commonly used by Voice Engineers. These commands are posted here so that it can be helpful for everyone who are troubleshooting/learning the voice piece… Read More

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How to find and download list of SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml files from CUCM?   I am sure most of you are aware of Cisco IP Phone Registration Process, however i am going to post the Registration process in next post. As of now let’s see how to download XMLDefault.cnf.xml or SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml from Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP?… Read More

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    What is a Refresh Upgrade (RU)? Many of us have come across the name Refresh Upgrade or RU but do we know what it is? Well, when we do an upgrade of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, a Refresh Upgrade file is being used. Without Refresh… Read More

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  When working customers, some customer may ask you to give some of their employees Read-Only access for Cisco Unity Connection.  This access will be very basic access similar to Help Desk users. The privilege given to the user will have ability to view Unity Connection configuration but will not have privilege to modify the… Read More

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