How to export and import OVF from VSphere ESXi?

How to export and import OVF from VSphere ESXi?

Many of us has come across Exporting of Virtual Machines to a Server/Local Disk or Importing of Virtual Machines from a Server/Local Disk/ Datastore (Datastore will be covered in the next post). We will discuss the same today in the below post. Let’s start it right away.

How to Export Virtual Machine to an OVF  file

  • Select the Virtual Machine that you want to Export as an OVF and Power off the Virtual Machine.
  • Click on File > Export > Export OVF Template
  • Name > Enter a Name of the OVF Template
  • Directory > Locate the directory where you want to export the OVF
  • Format > Select Folder of Files (OVF)
  • Description > Enter Description of the OVF
  • Uncheck >
  • Include image files attached to floppy and CD/DVD devices in the OVF package
  • Click on OK

How to Import Virtual Mahine from an OVF

  • Login to Vsphere where you want to Import the OVF file.
  • File > Deploy OVF Template
  • Click on Browse and Select the OVF File that you would like to Import/Deploy.
  • Click on Next
  • Follow the Wizard and select the options accordingly (how would you like the VM to be deployed)
  • Click on Finish
That’s all !! This is how you export or import Virtual Machines using OVF.

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  1. Sami Ahmad says:

    Good post, but a minor correction is needed. You need to select VMDK files and not just OVF to complete import.

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