Cisco CME – Drop Conference when initiator Disconnects

Cisco CME – Drop Conference when initiator Disconnects

Disconnect conference bridge when initiator drops from the conference call

Have you ever been asked a question on Cisco Call Manager Express – How to configure Cisco CME in a way that when initiator of the conference disconnects/leaves the conference session, the conference bridge also disconnects?  Trust me, I have been asked the same question multiple times.
The configuration is quite simple and one liner – You just need to add one simple command under ephone or ephone-template.

Command syntax:

conference drop-mode [creator | local]

The default configuration is conference never drops. You can configure parameter to drop the conference when the creator drops by enabling the command [conference drop-mode creator] or when the last local participants drops [conference drop-mode local].


An example of the configuration is here:
US-NJ-CME-01(config)# ephone 1
US-NJ-CME-01(config-ephone)# conference drop-mode creator

Hope this helps!

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