Hi All, Conference now feature is introduced in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 11. ┬áThis feature is similar to Meet-Me feature but with announcement and security. The host and attendee of the meeting will have to enter the PIN and start the conference. Configuration on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Login to Cisco Unified Communications… Read More

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Hello All, Meet-Me configuration is Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) does not have PIN/Password authentication and people can dial the number and easily join a meet-me conference without getting authenticated. To make it password/pin protected, you need to have Cisco Unity Connection in place or third-party applications which provides authentication feature for meet-me conference. What… Read More

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Hello All, Let’s configure Meet-Me to Play Callers Name when they join the meeting. In our scenario, we will configure it as follow. Scenario: Meet me conference is initiated by the host. The attendees will dial a number which will be routed to Unity Connection and they will hear something Welcome to XYZ’s Conference. Press… Read More

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