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Cisco UCCX Email Scripting – Emergency Number

Hello Everyone, Lets continue further with UCCX Email Scripting. This post is related to email scripting where an emergency number is dialed like 911. This is basically to track the person and aware the owners (Like Administrator, Security Office, Managers etc) that someone has dialed

Cisco UCCX Email Scripting

Hello Everyone, Today let me talk about email scripting to be done in UCCX  (only basics). It is quite simple and easy to configure. We will need the following applications in order to do Email Scripting. 1.  Cisco Unified Communication Manager 2.  Cisco Unified Contact

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Cisco Unified Communications

Hello Everyone, This is my first post and i hope i will continue this further and will try to put my best efforts to make it never ending and interesting post. I will try to gather stuffs from the real scenarios where i faced many

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