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Monthly Archives: December 2020


Cisco UCCX IPPA Phone Agent One Button Login

Cisco UCCX IPPA Phone Agent One Button Login Have you configured One Button Login for Cisco IP Phone Agent Service (IPPA)? One button IPPA Service will allow you to login to Cisco IP Phone Agent service without entering the Name, Extension and Password. For One


Choosing VMV7 vs VMV8 OVA Template

What is the difference between VMV7 vs VMV8 OVA Template? Have you ever wondered what is the difference between VMV7 and VMV8 (For example cucm_9.1_vmv7_v1.6.ova and cucm_9.1_vmv8_v1.6.ova? As per my understanding, i found the configurations to be almost similar between VMV7 and VMV8 like Number

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How to make Windows and Cisco Router as NTP Server

Today i am writing an article on how do you make Windows machine as NTP Server or Cisco Router as NTP Server. Many newcomers to Cisco VoIP asks this question specially when they try to install Cisco Unified Communications Manager. There are couple of ways

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Export SSL private key from Windows

The big difference between a named certificate ( and a wildcard (* beside the Common Name (CN) is that the first one can be used in ONE and only ONE place, the server/machine that generated the Certificate Signing Request (CSR); while the wildcard certificate on

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Useful SQL queries for Cisco Unity

Have you ever wonder how to determine how many voicemails an user may have? or maybe how much space those voicemails are consuming? Well, fear not! This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this short post. Using the CLI of Unity it


Cisco Unity Connection – Products not supported on current hardware

Cisco Unity Connection – Products not supported on current hardware While installing Cisco Unity Connection from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ISO like “Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.2.11900-12.sgn.iso” you might encounter an error “Products not supported on current hardware” or it might only allow you to install only Cisco