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Monthly Archives: January 2020


Step by Step Cisco IM & Presence Configuration

Step by Step IM & Presence Configuration Are you looking to configure IM & Presence step by step? Do not worry, here are the steps that would help you to configure IMP from scratch. Assuming that you have already installed IM & Presence. Activating IM


CUCM Error – Exceeded timed threshold of 3600 seconds

CUCM Error – Exceeded timed threshold of 3600 seconds Are you facing an error which says: The installation has encountered a unrecoverable internal error. For further assistance report the following information to your provider. Command “/opt/cisco/install/bin/pmNormalizeGeneric/etc/opt/cisco/install/component_install_cmd-list” has exceeded timed threshold of 3600 seconds.  The system


Cisco UCCX CAD/CSD Network Error during Installation

Cisco UCCX CAD/CSD Network Error during Installation While installing Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD)or Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD) i encountered an error “Error: 1316: A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\Users\Admin….. \Cisco Agent Desktop.msi. I had actually upgraded my UCCX Server


Configure Music on Hold (MoH) for Asterisk

Configure Music on Hold  for Asterisk Configure Music on Hold on Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix to allow music to be played when a call is on hold or call is on the Queue when no agents are available to pick the call. Configuration in Asterisk Login to Asterisk


Configuring Cisco Call Detail Record (CDR)

CDR Reporting? What is a CDR Report? CDR (Call Detail Record) – According to the definition given webopedia, in IP Telephony, a call detail record is a data record that contains information related to a telephone call, such as the origination and destination addresses of


VSphere Mac-Address Change?

Change VSphere ESXi Mac-Address Want to change Mac-Address in VSphere ESXi? If yes, below are the easy steps provided to change the Mac-Address. Login to VSphere ESXi Ensure that the Virtual Machine is powered off before you attempt to change the Mac-Address Right Click the